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START Online
Resource Created By: National RTAP
Subject: Safety and Security
Format Type: Training Modules
Publish Date: 10/12/2015
START Online is a new interactive, e-learning version of National RTAP's Safety Training and Rural Transit instructor-led course. It was developed in partnership with the Center for Transportation e-Learning (CTEL).  

The START course (content updated in 2015) offers basic information for new drivers or refresher training for experienced drivers and is broken into three sections. START Online consists of eight online lessons, plus the original four videos:

Section 1: Vehicle Safety
--Vehicle Safety
Section 2: Driver/Operator Safety
--Controlling the Vehicle
--Controlling the Vehicle (Continued)
--Driving in Adverse Conditions
Section 3: Passenger Safety
--Safety of Ambulatory Passengers
--Safety of Non-Ambulatory Passengers
--Transit Security
--Crisis Management 

START Online uses the e-learning tools to enhance and reinforce learning: scenarios, games, quizzes, and more. It also provides the benefits of online learning, including cost and time savings and the ability of learners to go at their own pace and revisit the course content as needed.

To access the course, click "Website Link" below or go to the National RTAP eLearning learning management system (LMS) at Register or log in and open START Online under the My Courses tab.  

If you're a manager, consider setting up a Team for your agency. See the Team Admin Getting Started Guide available on the LMS or in the "Related Resources" to the right.

START Online was previously hosted on CTEL's LMS at If you have questions about learner records on their LMS, contact Gary Hegland at

For more information about the instructor-led version of the START course, click on "Related Resources" on the right.

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